Sailing Disasters: “Low Speed Chase” & “Aegean”

by Jerry on April 30, 2012

April 14, 2012 the sailing vessel “Low Speed Chase” during a race hits one of the Faralon Islands 20+ miles West of San Francisco and five souls are lost.  April 28, 2012 “Aegean” a Hunter sailing vessel apparently hits the North Coronado Island off the USA/Mexico West coast and four souls are lost.  I feel extreme sadness for the bereaved.

The ocean is unforgiving; she takes who she wants.  I can only hope to learn from these experiences and learn enough to live long a long life.  Safety seems to be such a boring subject… until it isn’t.  I hope that the lives lost to these tragedies have taught me even more.  Safety is priority number one.  Pleasure is secondary.

I will say no more than that.

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